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Logical components that wraps the UI components and allows then to interact with the SDK directly


Components what will render outside this component will not work


Wrap Your project with the FastSimonAPI component

import {FastSimonApi} from "fast-component-library";

const App = () => {
return (
<FastSimonApi storeID={my-site-store-id} uuid={my-site-uuid}>
Hello World!

export default App;


storeIDnumber (required)Your store ID
uuidstring (required)Your store UUID
typeAppType (default="SPA")type - report type (read skd docs)
onReady() => voidcallback to run after the SDK is initialized
cartTokenstringIf you are using a custom cart use cartToken to provide a custom token
collectionIDstringcollection id if you want to do smart navigation
withProductAttributesstringinclude product attributes in the Product object in every response
PromoTilesboolean (default=false)Enable / disable Promo tiles
isInfiniteScrollboolean (default=false)Enable / disable infinite scroll - this will stack products instead of replacing them
getTitle({ categoryID?: string, query?: string }) => stringPage Title change value callback if you want to changed titles your way
useFiltersboolean (default=true)If you don't plan to use filters set this false (less data, more speed)