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Introduction To Reporting


Use the following code to report on shopper activities. Reporting these will allow Fast Simon Dashboard Reporting and better machine-learning relevancy


  • in "SPA" (single page application) mode all report will be send immediately
  • in "MPA" (multi page application) mode all the reports will be send in the next FastSimonSDK.initialization({...})
  • you can pass a type flag in any event for a combined experience


eventNamestring (required)response will be based on this product
dataDynamicType (required)the payload of the event, see examples below
typeAppTypereport method (id you want to use a different method for a specific event)
targetURLstringfor product clicked event, if you want to report only if the URL includes targetURL
timenumber (default=5000)wait time before you report a product clicked event, this makes sure that is wasn't an accidental click
callback({success: boolean}) => voidcallback to handle the results